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By opening websites of the MMBF Földgáztároló Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság – MMBF Natural Gas Storage Close Company Limited by Shares (hereinafter referred to as: MMBF Zrt.) you accept the terms and conditions specified herein. We request you that in case of disagreement please do not open our websites!


MMBF Zrt. made its best efforts to ensure that all information displayed on its internet website can be precise and up-to-date as of the date of loading. Nevertheless, MMBF Zrt. will assume no guarantee, either explicitly or implied, for the information displayed through the present website, and reserve the right to implement changes and corrections without any prior notice, and to wholly or partially terminate the website or the information displayed therein. MMBF Zrt. will assume no liability for any inaccuracy or deficiency eventually occurring on the website.

Tender processes and invitation to bids will be governed by regulations specifically described thereon.

MMBF Zrt. will assume no liability for damages or losses eventually arising from the access or the lack of access to the website or any information displayed thereon, or from the use of such information.

MMBF Zrt. will have no liability for damages, costs or losses eventually arising from the use, or the unusable status or the inadequate use or inoperability or operational disturbance of websites, or changes in data made by unauthorised persons, or from delay in forwarding such information, or due to computer virus, default in line or system or other similar reasons.

No information displayed on MMBF Zrt. website will form any invitation for investment for its shares or other transactions related thereto, and they cannot be interpreted or assumed as invitation thereto.

Any user of MMBF Zrt. website, who or which provides information to MMBF Zrt. by using the website accepts that MMBF Zrt has unlimited right for such information, and that MMBF Zrt. is entitled to use freely such information at its choice. Any and all information provided by the user will be regarded as public and free-of-charge data.

Copyright issues

MMBF Zrt. website, all pictures, voice and textual content displayed thereon, and their arrangement are under the protection of copyright and trademark laws. They can be used in any form in excess to strictly personal needs exclusively with the explicit and written approval of MMBF Zrt.

We wish to call your attention that any form or type of use under conditions other than described in details by MMBF Zrt. or if such use forms a breach to these conditions might entail consequences under copyright, civil or criminal law. MMBF Zrt. shall initiate action against any breach of law it becomes aware of.