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Data supply

Current and archive data on gas turnover and filling-up status of our gas storage site

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Uniform structure of links used by members of Gas Storage Europe

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Bulletin board

Storage capacity and natural gas bids and offers published by clients of HEXUM Földgáz Zrt.

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Please contact us regarding gas turnover, nomination and allocation

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Customer service

Please, contact us if you have any questions, comments or complaints concerning our activities!

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Services and tariffs

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Useful information for our clients and for those who are interested in capacity booking

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About us

Information with regard to operation of HEXUM Földgáz Zrt. as an enterprise

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Szőreg-1 UGS

Technical information on our gas storage facility

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Collection of documents determining essentially our operations

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Information Platform

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Information on changing the name and headquarters of our Company

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Dear Visitor,

Hereby, we inform you that company name of MMBF Földgáztároló Zrt. (1037 Budapest, Montevideo u. 16/b., Registry No.: 01-10-045494, Tax No: 13780960-2-44) is going to be changed from 01 December 2020., while its headquarters will be relocated from 01 January 2021.

Our Company's new data are as follows:


Company name: HEXUM Földgáz Zrt. (from 01 December 2020.)

Headquarters: 2151 Fót, Fehérkő utca 7. (from 01 January 2021.)


At the same time we draw your kind attention to the fact that the place of administration and correspondence has been remaining the present one (1037 Budapest, Montevideo utca 16/b.) till further notice.

Our Telephone and Telefax number will not be modified. The new Homepage of our Company has been under construction and until its finalization the required information can be reached using the internet address of

In case of any requests and questions according to this subject Emese Simon is willing to help you. Her contact details are as follows:


Telephone number: +36 30 851 38 28


Budapest, 30 November 2020.