The injection cycle is coming to its end

Stored gas volume in Szőreg-1 UGS will reach 100% soon. Please click!

The MMBF Zrt. has successfully completed the refilling of the 1.2 bcm capacities of the Hungarian Stock Pilling Association by 30 September 2017, in accordance with its contractual obligations. The storage – in line with the expectations of its contracted customers – continues the injection into the commercial capacities. Consequently, it is expected that the total of the 1.9 bcm working gas capacities of MMBF Zrt. will be used, which has not been the case since 2011. The storage is prepared to meet the winter demands with 100 percent of its working gas and withdrawal capacities.


It remains our priority to operate the storage facility and the reservoir in a safest way in order to maintain a continuous supply security for the Hungarian consumers.


You can reach us personally on the spots referred on the map, may contact us by writing or calling

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Data supply

Current and archive data on gas turnover and filling-up status of our gas storage site

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Uniform structure of links used by members of Gas Storage Europe

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